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Flowers at Children's Museum
Flowers Installed At Museum
Third Prototype

Acrylic Flower Prototype

Second Prototype

Second 2 Hour Prototype First Ideation of plug idea involving conductive tape on either side of tube for ground/power

Prototype 1

2 Hour Prototype Complete first prototype. When the wind sensor (behind the paper leaf) was blown on, the "dandelion" would light up.

Schematic of Circuits Per Pot
Plugged In Flowers
B Flower
G Flower
R Flower

Flower Power

We created Glow Flowers that when “plugged in” to their pot, would glow different colors  and play music.  Installed at the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum- aimed at ages 3-4.  When Flowers are plugged in, a switch is pressed in by the custom plug which activates an Adafruit Neopixel LED and speaker which plays chip tune music.  Flowers were laser cut from frosted clear acrylic and assembled layer by layer with fiber optic strands between layers.  Children in our target age range responded well to it and seemed to enjoy the interactive physical nature of the flowers along with the positive reinforcement for “planting” them.  

Sydney Ayers, Nitesh Sridhar, and Conlon Novak


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